How to raise a science Lover

Science is such a diverse subject. As an adult, it’s one of those you are either drawn to or cannot get your head around at all. However, as a child, it can be one of the most fascinating subjects they know. This is because it can develop a child’s curiosity and give them a better understanding of how things work around us. If you would like to help your child become a science lover, here is some great advice from an independent school in Middlesex.

Encourage your child to ask questions. Figure out what they are interested in a indulge in those topics. Turn them into creative science lessons, children show a lot of interest when there are practical activities involved too. The use of water can be very useful. You can experiment with materials that float or sink or explain how atoms work in solids, liquids and gases by freezing and boiling water.

Combine your love for houseplants by setting up tasks for your child to plant a seed and take care of the plant that grows from it. Through this your child will understand the life cycle of a plant. Place a few in different areas of the house to demonstrate how different levels of sun exposure and temperatures affect the growth and lifespan of a plant. Not only is your child learning, but you’ve also got someone to regularly water the plants!

Set up fun experiments in the garden. You can easily use materials that are already in the house. A common one is mentos and coca cola. A combination of both creates a reaction that mimics a volcano. It’s both fun and educational. Just don’t get too close or you may get soaked! 

These are honestly such great and easy ways to get your child absorbed and interested in science. Good luck!