How to support your child during exam period

Exam seasons is definitely one of the most dreaded times in a child’s life. It tends to be the first period in their life where they have to discipline themselves Times are tense and overwhelming for both parent and child. It is important at this time that a parent does their best to support their child to give them as much ease in this stressful time in their life. Here are a few tips on how you can do that. 

Talk to your child about how they’re feeling. It is common for a child to feel stressed and keep things to themselves. They may doubt themselves and feel hopeless when things get too difficult. Talk to them to keep things in perspective and encourage them to approach their teachers often. Understand that teachers and peers are there to support during these hard times like the ones in this private school in Kingston Upon Thames. When a child acknowledges that they are not the only ones feeling the way they do, it gives them a sense of relief which helps reduce stress levels.

Make sure your child is eating well. A balanced diet will help fuel them and keep concentration levels up. Foods high in fat, sugar and caffeine tend to make a child moodier so try and encourage them to reach for healthier options. Some children also lose their appetite when dealing with high levels of stress so also keep an eye out for that.

Encourage your child to get a healthy amount of sleep every night. Exam seasons can be draining, so keep screen time to a minimum during the evenings and motivate your child to sleep earlier so that their brain functions at a better rate. Lack of sleep will create a slower response when it comes to revising and concentration levels, so be sure to keep on top of that.

Allow your child to be excused from day-to-day activities that they would usually complete such as chores. Exams should be the main priority for the child and revision sessions should be consistent. As a parent stay calm and keep a peaceful environment in the home so the child deals with less levels of stress. Remember, exams only last a few short months and tend to fly by. Be patient and put your child’s exams first. Good luck!