Explore creative writing with your child

Creative writing is a fun and academic activity than can be explored with your child. It helps develop vocabulary, improve handwriting and enhances creativity. It’s a simple task that can be done with your child to understand and amplify their imagination. Here are a few ways this can be done. 

Read to them. Children love to sit with books. By reading to them, you will not only improve their vocabulary, but will open a door for creativity in their minds. Another thing that can be very helpful is discussing alternative endings to their stories. Ask them how they would’ve ended the story, for example “does the princess end up with the prince?”. It’ll get their creative mind going.

Similar to how they do in this boys school in London, teach your child how to mind map. Start by writing down an array of words that relates to a topic that they have an interest in and allow your child to add to that list. Let them get as creative as they want and see how big the mind map can get. Using that, you can assist them in creating a title and the first line to their creative writing. Majority of the time, the beginning tends to be the most difficult part so giving them a head start will definitely set them in the right direction. Encourage your kids to write more. You can combine all stories and select the perfect cover from a wide range of premade book covers which your child is attracted to. This exercise can take them to new heights

Tell your child to tap into the wildest parts of their imagination. Children love to fantasise and sometimes live in a world of their own. Encourage them to bring that part of their imagination to life through their writing and watch their words flow onto the page. Eventually when your child is comfortable with writing and finishing their stories, introduce a child dictionary or thesaurus to help them further improve their work. You may find through this, you as a parent learn something new to!