What is a Learner Portal?

A studying portal is a gateway to all of the courses, resources, and devices that facilitate coaching and studying. Technically speaking, it’s an internet site that acts as a repository for coaching and studying materials. It’s an area wherein you save all of your documents, podcasts, videos, presentations, and so on.

It also can encompass packages that facilitate communication: Discussion forum, message service, email, calendar, and so on. In its most effective form, a studying portal may be a shop-the front wherein your rookies can find out or be assigned content material.

In its complicated form, a portal may be an environment for handling all coaching and studying. Whether easy or complicated, studying portals have to: Let your rookies get into the gadget and hold out folks who aren’t registered. 

They can provide smooth routes for rookies to navigate through the content material. You don’t need your rookies stepping over swimming pools of alligators or having to skip through cages of lions alongside the way.

With that in mind, right here are 7 factors to don’t forget while choosing a studying portal. 

  1. It has to customize the studying journey.
  2. They have to make content material discover.
  3. They have to be flexible. 
  4. They have to allow network interaction.
  5. They have to understand achievement.
  6. They have to combine online and offline studying.
  7. They have to be handy on all devices. 

What things make good learner portal?

In summary, right here are five capabilities each learner portal needs to have: 

  • It encourages your rookies to be independent.
  • It permits your rookies to curate content material that’s applicable to them. 
  • It affords a couple of studying journeys. 
  • It permits rookies to talk and connect to different rookies and their teachers. 
  •  It permits studying to take regions in all contexts throughout all devices.


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