Top Tips to Help Your Child with Maths

Maths is a compulsory subject for students in the UK until they are at least 16 years old. It doesn’t come naturally to all children, but since it’s mandatory, parents should try and find ways to help. Here are some things you can do to support your child’s progress in maths, as advised by a prep school in Surrey.

Incorporate Maths into Everyday Life

Basic numeracy skills are required to perform a variety of daily activities, like cooking and shopping. So, next time you’re doing these tasks, ask your child to get involved. Encourage them to calculate how much money your bill will come to when you’re out for meal and ask them to measure out ingredients when you’re cooking or baking so that they can become more familiar with different units. When you’re out driving somewhere, talk to them about the different speed limits and distances. By incorporating maths into everyday life, your child will learn and become more confident without even realising it!

Be a Good Role Model

When it comes to your child’s learning, you should try and be a good role model. Avoid saying things like “I hated maths when I was your age”, because your child will think they have a free pass to feel the same way. Instead, try and have a positive attitude towards their learning and help them understand that it’s a skill that gets better with plenty of practise. 

Make Maths Fun

Try and find ways to make maths more enjoyable for your child so that they are more inclined to engage. You could find interactive games online or download apps onto their tablet/smartphone or play board games as a family. Monopoly is one example of a board game that requires basic numeracy skills and can help your child become more comfortable with simple sums.