Fun And Engaging Strategies To Learn Chinese

Preschoolers learn a second language as fast and naturally as they can understand the mother language. But what if you are trying to teach your kid Chinese?

No matter which language your kids learn, you need to remember that interest and motivation are the two things that can help them to learn a language. Chinese for kids (ภาษา จีน สำหรับ เด็ก, which is the term in Thai) can be interesting only when you make the learning process fun and engaging.

Here are two typical ways to make learning Chinese interesting for your kids.

Practice With Flash Card

Flashcards happen to be the best method to make a child memorise Chinese. Especially if your child gets stuck with any Chinese phrase, make sure you incorporate flash cards. At the same time, if you can read aloud with your children, it will help to pick the words or phrases faster.

Along with that, you can also use flashcards to play memory games with your child. The fun and simple game would help your child to remember the objects and learn the language quickly.

Additionally, you can use the same flashcards for other purposes. For instance, you can let your child match the vocabulary of the flashcards to make meaningful connections.

Relatable Fun Game

If your child has already learnt the lesson, you can play related fun games to enhance the vocabulary and basic language skills. For instance, you can prepare your child’s favourite food or beverages and let your child guess the name only by smelling the food. You can also ask them to construct a whole sentence with the vocabulary.

You can play this game with your child and add more challenges whenever your child answers correctly. After a period, you will see that your child can start speaking complete sentences and has proper language knowledge.

Also, giving rewards for each success can help your child learn the language faster. Therefore, if your child finds the learning process fun, exciting and engaging, it will allow them to acquire the tongue easily.

Final Thought

As you teach your kid Chinese as a second language, you must incorporate the lessons of vocabulary and basic grammar concepts in a practical and straightforward approach. It will help to ensure that your child must not only memorise but understand the concepts as well. Hence, with your help, your kids can find learning Chinese enjoyable, fun and memorable.