Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child

The growth of STEM subjects in modern day education is a great part of a child’s development, with enhanced communication skills, developed critical thinking skills and the chance for children to discover different areas of their favourite subjects. Thankfully it’s very easy to teach your child about STEM subjects and what they mean for them, with this guide from a prep school in London.

Try out cooking and baking

A very scientific method that happens every day in a home is cooking, and baking is also a really fun and exciting way to get your children stuck into science. It can be as simple as buying a cake mix kit or making cornflake cakes with your child and they choose the toppings.

It’s all a balancing act of making sure the oven is at the right temperature, ensuring the mix is thoroughly combined and allowing your child to understand the many maths questions to measure out the ingredients. Your child is using their critical thinking and problem solving skills while also having some fun!

Using technical games to test your child’s digital skills

There are many games you can now play on your phone or tablet that can test children in different ways, especially now that they’re much more accessible. There are a number of interactive games that children can pick up that are age-appropriate and relate to STEM subjects. Another way of guiding your child through is by giving them ways to browse the internet safely, so that they can look at STEM subject games online.

Use toys to make STEM understandable

Even building blocks and toy cars can show children the power and technology behind their intent. You can talk about shapes and sizes that make different works of art, talk about how remote control cars are made, and develop their biological skills with water play and sand play.