Do we need an Elevated Work Platform Ticket in Gladstone?


Entering a construction job is a big challenge not just because it gives good pay but it also introduces you to a dangerous kind of job. A lot of construction job enthusiasts get loads of training before they receive their license and start the ball rolling. It is good to know that there are young men who would like to enter the world of construction and it is equally interesting to see them training hard to pass the assessment and eventually get their proper identification as licensed elevated work platform operators.

EWP ticket in Gladstone serves a number of men who undergo rigid training and assessment to prepare them for the real work. This kind of program is given to equip these men with the necessary training before they start the grind.

EWP Operator Ticket or Yellow Card covers the operation of platforms under 11 meters in height. This EWPA Yellow Card is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of training and assessment. You must know that the purpose of this course is to keep the EWP operators updated with their operating knowledge of the latest policies and industry requirements.

Holders of EWP Ticket Gladstone can actively work in the manufacturing sector, construction, technology, industrial sector, and vehicle loading cranes. They are responsible for more difficult job operations but they are jobs that are doable. 

Why Elevated Work Platform Ticket Gladstone is necessary? Obviously, the kinds of work carried out by EWP technician belongs to the dangerous, difficult and high-risk operation and can lead to injury or even death if they make a single mistake. To equip our trainees, we require them to participate in the training program and avail of a high-risk work license as well as the completion of the elevated platform training. To minimize the possible danger, injury, or sometimes even death at work, EWP training is required.

In this program, high-caliber trainers conduct the lectures who make sure that each and everyone will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to start working. Part of the training is the completion of the elevated work platform over and under 11 m. This program ensures the trainees enough skills to spearhead a career in the construction industry.

Part of this training is the assurance that the applicant is 18 years old and above before applying. English communication skill is necessary to understand the course which is done in English. Upon completion of the program, trainees need to take the licensure exam to jumpstart their EWP ticket Gladstone career.