6 Reasons why you Should Pursue MBBS In USA

If you’re a student in India thinking of pursuing MBBS in USA but are a bit skeptical about it, here are 6 reasons you should go for it.

Diverse medical career offers and opportunities 

USA is one of the top countries for a career in Healthcare and management. They provide several career opportunities for both professionally studied medical students and students who are still pursuing medicine. There are over 60 specialities a student can choose from. They also provide work opportunities in hospitals, Healthcare fields, clinics and laboratories. Since medicine is a broad field, one can opt for any subdiscipline that focuses on research and management.

High demanding job opportunities 

The demand for healthcare professionals or physicians is high, especially in countries like the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for nurses and physicians is expected to grow between 7-12 per cent by 2028. Therefore, the need for doctors is much more than expected, and thus even medical students get a job right after graduation.

Job stability and high salary 

After graduation, a physician’s career has job stability. This reason is more dominant in the countries like US, where recession is not a problem and even young adults can find a job. Also, the high salary of a Healthcare professional shouldn’t be one of the main reasons to choose medicine, but also cannot be avoided. The average salary of a physician in US is $200,000 per annum. Not to mention, almost all universities in the US provide scholarships for foreign exchange students, which helps cut down the actual fees. Because of the high demand for physicians in US, the pay is also high, and therefore economic stability of a student is maintained. 

Research opportunities 

A physician can also attain a PhD even after completing MD or any other equivalent degree. This means physicians get to carry out their research work in labs where they focus on discovering, diagnosing, detecting and preventing a disease or disease-related research. In addition, they get to examine cells, conduct experiments and find new ways of improving health. 

Study medicine online 

Some universities in the United States provide an online bachelor’s or master’s degree in medicine. This is useful, especially for young students who cannot afford living abroad and accommodation expenses. This way, a student can also learn to create and manage scheduling according to them. This also helps the student to study comfortably. 

Find medical jobs worldwide. 

US being well known for its medicinal studies and universities, the degree obtained here has the potential to get you a job anywhere. This is a big advantage for the students as they do not have to stress about making a career and settling in one place for the rest of their lives. Even after completing a master’s degree here and attaining a Ph.D. for your research work, you can get jobs practically anywhere and in any country, including the US.