The Best & the Latest Book that Nursing Students Can Refer for Nursing Entrance Exam

Nursing is one of the toughest subjects and it is not so easy to score good marks in nursing tests or examinations. The students willing to practice nursing should thoroughly prepare themselves with various areas of nursing including medical and general knowledge. It is not just the medical questions that students have to practice but also the subjects and practical knowledge related to the registered nurses and their duties. This all things, one definitely learns during the internship training or courses, but at the same time there are some internal subjects that the students can only learn through theoretical practice or going through an excellent book on training nurses.

Best Book for Nursing Exam – 

So, if you are also going to give the entrance examination for becoming a nurse then you should choose one of the best books for learning on the subject of nursing in depth including that of general knowledge. One such book is fundamentals of nursing: concepts and competencies for practice 9th edition craven test bank. This is one of the best books that have all the in-depth questions related to the practicing of a registered nurse at a hospital in the US or any other place. The book also covers the topics like nursing ethics, registered nurse duties, and many more. It will also have questions related to history and famous nurses in the history who had practiced in a certain area of medicine or illness.

Questions Given in the Book – 

For instance, Nightingale was the first practicing nurse epidemiologist, so they can ask questions related to a nightingale and the nurses who came after nightingale like Mary Nutting, Clara Barton, etc. Apart from that certain questions can also be asked in such a fashion like discussing the influence of social, political and economic, changes on nursing practice. These all questions can also be asked in objective types. So, apart from learning about nursing in your internship, you should also know the historical background of nursing, as these questions can be asked.

Simple Questions –  

And, the book Fundamentals of nursing: concepts and competencies for practice 9th edition craven test bank, has already covered many topics including these mentioned above, along with the answers. Apart from that, simple questions can also be asked in the nursing exams like, “The nurse prescribes strategies and alternatives to attain expected outcome. Which standard of nursing practice is the nurse following- “and the options will be given like a) assessment, b) diagnosis, c) planning and d) implementation. So, the answer to this question is c- planning.

Application of Logic –

So, some questions are purely based on logic. The students use their logic and apply their minds. In the above-mentioned question, the word, ‘strategies’ suggests that planning is the word that is closely connected with the strategy. What is strategy? It means a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. Implementation, assessment & diagnosis are the work of a doctor. The last option that is planning is only left as an option for the nurse which is the answer. So, there will be simple logical questions also along with tough questions which the nurses should prepare well for by referring to the book mentioned above.