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Race Calendar

Races and events are a great way to meet new paddlers, travel to fun locations, try out different boards, and maybe even demo a new paddle craft! Not every race is super competitive and even the ones which are typically have an event for recreational paddlers who just want to get out on the water and complete a course.

Standup paddleboard races are conducted on every body of water from the oceans to lakes and rivers. Unlike running which tends to revolve around 3k, 5k and 10k lengths, there are no established distances for standup paddleboard races. That said, in the United States, a distance of around 4-5 miles is a fairly typical distance for an average race. Many races will hold a short course of approximately 1 mile for new paddlers in conjunction with their main event. Races longer than 5 miles are often referred to as a distance race and are only recommended for experienced paddlers.

Outrigger canoe races take on a variety of forms from the popular OC-1 and OC-2 canoes commonly seen racing alongside SUPs to the mighty six man canoes (OC-6) used in offshore races around the world. There are even 9-man races, consisting of six paddlers in a canoe accompanied by an escort boat carrying three additional paddlers and a change coach. Per the instructions of the change coach, the escort boat will drop paddlers off in the water and a quick water change is made to swap out 1-3 paddlers at a time. This format is typically reserved for long distance races.

Our race calendar includes paddleboard & outrigger races and events from across North America and select events from around the world. Is your favorite event listed? If not, let us know by emailing us at We also publish a weekly news column listing events from our race calendar.