Personal Flotation Devices

Personal Flotation Devices or simply PFDs are an essential item of gear for any paddle sport. Required by law in many jurisdictions, PFDs can and will save lives. As technology and styles evolves, many models now incorporate pockets and connection points for popular items such as cell phones and cameras, as well as additional safety items such as a whistle.

SUP Examiner's PFD reviews category highlights select models of PFDs from around the world. We have reviewed several belt pack style models popular among stand up paddlers around the world, in addition to a few vest style models. Each style has pros and cons and paddlers may find they prefer one over the other depending on the conditions or paddling location.

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Vaikobi Ocean Racing PFD 2.0

A vest-style PFD built for high intensity paddling Vaikobi has updated their original lightweight ocean racing PFD with a batch of new features which make what was already a solid product even better. The...