Suploops: Resistance Bands Customized for SUP

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Gear Review: Suploops

Suploops was created by Doug, a former software company executive who was an avid paddler of canoes and kayaks for over 30 years before falling in love with the SUP. He found the SUP to be the perfect fusion of recreational and fitness platforms, as he has long been a fan of training on unstable surfaces to improve stabilization and enhance balance. After using resistance bands to rehabilitate from several workout-related injuries, Doug found them to be ideal strength training tools with less risk of injury. Doug was as fit as when he used free weights, and he could train anywhere with the bands.

The lightbulb went on – take the resistance bands on a SUP and combine strength training, training on unstable surfaces, and the fun of being on the water! He experimented with many existing resistance bands before developing Suploops, designed specifically for use on a SUP. Simply loop the bands onto your SUP paddle and you can use the paddle like a bar to perform a wide variety of free-standing exercises to work the entire body. Doug quit his job and started his company Clevernetics to develop innovative outdoor equipment like Suploops, as well as a patented remote control rudder system for the SUP called Suprudder.

suploops, sup examiner, audrey lee
Suploops have been specifically designed to work with your paddle.

What’s in your bag of Suploops?

Suploops come in a package of 5 resistance bands with resistance levels ranging from 10 pounds to 50 pounds to accommodate all ability levels. You can put multiple bands on your paddle to quickly switch between resistance bands, or to use them in combination for increased resistance up to 80+ pounds. Perform standard training exercises like squats, chest press, or bicep curls, and combine them with yoga or Pilates movements. Many exercises can be adapted to kneeling, sitting, or even lying down as conditions or abilities require. They are lightweight (they float!) so you can even paddle normally with them attached. As a bonus, the bands can function as a paddle sling to quickly free both of your hands for other exercises, stretches. An online exercise guide and several YouTube videos can be found at

Review the Suploops safety guidelines and general exercise instructions before use. There is an eleven minute video with 14 difference Suploops resistance band exercises for standup paddle. This video is in a gorgeous setting, with clear instructions, demonstrates excellent form, and offers several modifications. There is also a six part Suploops video series for SUP injury prevention and pain relief, created and presented by a certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. It is a bit windy and choppy making the sound less clear for this series. These exercises are thorough, including a warmup and focuses on key areas including the neck, shoulders, and hips. If you cannot get out on your SUP, there is a Suploops workout video to do in your living room as well. In all Suploops is a fun, clever way to combine strength training on the unstable surface of a SUP. The SUP injury prevention videos provide great value to all SUP enthusiasts.

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