Video recap of the 2017 Dragon World Championships in Barbados

Teams of four qualified for the inaugural Championships by racing on the world’s first inflatable 22ft race board, ‘The Red Dragon’ during one of the sixty Dragon World Series events that swept across the globe throughout the 2017 season. Designed by the world’s leading inflatable paddle board brand Red Paddle Co, the board derives its stiffness from MSL Fusion technology and despite the Red Dragon’s size length, it simply rolls up into a bag that is small enough to be checked onto a plane.

Hosted in the turquoise waters of Carlisle bay, Barbados, teams congregated from all over the world representing almost every level of the paddle boarding spectrum. From experienced teams who have spent the season training, racing and competing, to those making their first racing debut. No matter what their ability or background, these are the brave warriors who will forever be able to claim that they were there at the dawn of a new age in SUP racing, the Dragon World Championships.