Hippostick: SUP and Outrigger paddle tutorial

Hippostick recently released two excellent video tutorials providing a great deal of knowledge and insights into how to choose a SUP and outrigger paddle. Information on blade size, length and a description of blade designs is delivered in a straightforward, easy to understand manner by Hippostick owner, Danny Ching.

I belong to the same outrigger canoe club as Ching and have had the opportunity to try a few of the paddles. Hippostick paddles are one of the most underrated paddles in the industry. Reflecting Ching’s own personality, the brand isn’t flashy, yet the efficiency in which the paddles perform is undeniable. Clean, crisp and consistent. One of the most important descriptions delivered in the videos speaks to the paddles’ ability to function for you when you are fatigued or faced with challenging conditions.

Speaking on the design of the Al Blade, “Since most of us have difficulty putting the paddle into the water right away, this will give us the best opportunity for when we make a mistake, when we’re tired, when things aren’t going perfect, the paddle will function for us,” states Ching.

Take a moment to watch the videos. If you are someone who has had a lingering question about paddle designs, but never had the chance to ask, chances are, your question may be answered in one of the two videos.

Hippostick: Everything you need to know about an outrigger paddle

For a size chart and additional information on the Hippostick brand, visit: Hippostick.com

Matt Chebatoris

Matt is a former national security professional and lifelong adventurer. He has published material on a variety of topics in the foreign policy arena and founded SUP Examiner™ as a platform to share his enjoyment of the sport with others. Matt resides in Los Angeles with his wife Karen and their tuxedo cat Maximilian.