Abby Baker, age 12, from Carlsbad, California has been paddling for a little over a year. Abby is a self-proclaimed mermaid who has always loved the water – her favorite place is the beach.  Abby looks forward to training with the Encinitas Junior Lifeguards every summer and enjoys every minute practicing with The Paddle Academy (her favorite group) three times a week.  Her biggest accomplishment and goal this year was the Pacific Paddle Games where Abby was the overall winner in the 11/12 girls division, her times were amazing! 

Besides paddling, Abby Baker loves to play recreational soccer on LA Galaxy and working out with Keen Performance, Carlsbad.  Beyond athletics, Abby has been a Girl Scout since kindergarten and she is a member of the National Charity League. Her favorite charity thus far is Autism Tree Project Foundation (ATPF).

What Abby Baker enjoys the most about paddling is the amazing camaraderie with all the paddling families and friends. Abby and her brother Stephen love racing and the sport allows the entire family to spend time together outdoors.  Paddling has brought them closer and they enjoy taking their boards out on the ocean or lagoon and spending the day exercising and exploring. Now that the race season is winding down for the year, Abby is enjoying surfing with the Diegueño Surf Team.

More About Abby Baker

What is Abby’s favorite subject in school?


What are her interests outside of paddling?

Surfing, swimming, running, playing soccer and volunteering.

Is Abby involved in any other sports? If so, what are they?

LA Galaxy Soccer & Diegueno Surf Team

Does Abby take part in any group training? If so, what does she enjoy the most about the group training program?

Yes, Abby trains on a regular basis with The Paddle Academy, Doheny Beach, Dana Point, California. She loves her wonderful coaches, Jaime & Mike Eisert, the amazing training environment and her friends.

What does she enjoy the most about paddling?

Enjoying the beauty of the oceans, lakes, lagoons and the bay.

What are some of Abby’s notable paddling achievements?

Overall Winner 11/12-year-old girls division at the 2016 Pacific Paddle Games.

Abby Baker, Danny Ching, The Paddle Academy

Abby Baker recent got to meet Danny Ching, one of her favorite paddlers!

Where is Abby’s favorite place to paddle?

The Hammer at Doheny State Beach and Cardiff State Beach.

Does she participate in competitions? If so, which events are her favorites?

Yes, the San Clemente Ocean Festival, SUP Fiesta, Race the Lake of the Sky, and the Pacific Paddle Games.

What is her favorite memory/experience while paddling?

Having tons of fun conquering the waves at Pacific Paddle Games.

Who is Abby’s favorite paddler or person she is inspired by?

Shae Foudy, Jaime Donnelly-Eisert, and Danny Ching.

Is there someplace Abby would like to paddle, but has not yet visited?


Thank you for your time. We’re looking forward to watching Abby’s paddling career progress. See you on the water!

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Claudette and Steve Baker would like to extend a special thank you for the support from West Coast Paddle Sports, 404 SUP, and especially, The Paddle Academy.

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