In an exciting new change for how the United States is represented in international competition, Surfing America’s Board of Directors announced  a new, comprehensive plan for the growth of SUP and Paddleboarding in the United States. The new program includes the following:  

  • Development of the first ever SUP and Paddleboard National Championships
  • Creation of two regional qualifying events and requirements to become an elite member of the 2017 US SUP & Paddleboarding team. 

Additionally, an official Surfing America Junior Development Team will also be created to embrace the rapid growth of SUP and Paddleboard those under the age of 18 for international competition.

“This announcement, the first ever in our sport, represents a major step forward in designing a program that encourages more participation of athletes from across the country and places the team selection process in the hands of the paddlers.  Our international competition teams will be 100% selected based upon performance,” says Executive Director Greg Cruse.

International Competition

Beginning in 2017, the following locations and dates for the regional qualifiers and The National Championships.    

  • Event #1 March 4th and 5th 2017, New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • Event #2 March 25th and 26th 2017, Oceanside, CA
  • Event #3 US SUP and Paddleboard Championships: June 14th – 17th, 2017, Oceanside, CA

Additionally, Surfing America announces a new program that will create the first ever USA SUP/Paddleboard Junior Development Team. The Junior Team will be selected at the 2017 US Championships and receive coaching and special training opportunities throughout the year. Details of the Jr team will be announced as we approach the 2017 US Championships.

Brody Welte, Head Coach USA of the SUP/Paddleboard team comments, “It is exciting to roll out the overall vision for SUP and Paddleboard development in the US. Not only are we going to select the international competitive team through exciting events, but we will develop the infrastructure to facilitate the growth of all levels of paddlers. The combination of great events as well as training and athlete development will help us propel the sports of SUP and Paddleboarding into the future.”

Male and female champions will be crowned in the following divisions:

  • SUP Racing U18
  • SUP Racing Open All Ages
  • SUP Racing Masters 40+
  • Paddleboard Racing U18
  • Paddleboard Racing Open All Ages
  • Paddleboard Racing Masters 40+
  • SUP Surfing U18
  • SUP Surfing Open All Ages
  • SUP Surfing Masters 40+

Surfing America will have more information about the specifics of the regional events, courses and entry details in the coming weeks at