Cord Dome: Great for Clubs and Rental Operations

cord dome, sup examiner

Cord Dome: Shields electrical cords from water

Water and electricity don’t go well together. This is readily understood, but sometimes it is useful or even necessary to place electrical cords in proximity to water. The task then becomes how to protect them.

cord dome, sup examinerCord Dome from Twist and Seal is a simple yet effective solution for tidying electrical cords and plugs and protecting them from the water. The device isn’t designed to be submerged in water, but rather to be placed on a flat surface. Your electrical cords can then be safely connected inside the protected confines of the cord dome thereby eliminating the risk of harmful exposure to water.

The cord dome allows you to protect multiple outdoor electrical connections from the rain, melting snow, and of course the odd splash of water. The device is an excellent solution for paddling clubs and rental fleet operators operating electrical equipment on a dock or near a launch area. It would also work well at events such as the recent Saratoga Paddlefest where vendors may be connecting cords and cables in their booths.

The Cord Dome can house most multi-plug power strips and Y connectors. No need to tape or bag your connections.

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