We received word today that Rainbow Sandals, the producers of the iconic and world-renowned Battle of the Paddle, have made the decision to cancel the Battle of the Paddle-California in 2015. The decision was made largely due to the economics of staging the event, which had seen exponential growth since its inception in 2008.

Under Rainbow Sandal’s tutelage, the Battle of the Paddle-California had grown into “the” event on the SUP race calendar and was routinely cited as the one event where all the major SUP athletes from around the world came together to compete against one another at the same event. The Battle of the Paddle-California was also the stage upon which multiple rivalries have played out over the years between top competitors such as Candice Appleby and Annabel Anderson and the high stakes drama in 2014 between Connor Baxter and Kai Lenny.

It is unclear at this time whether the Battle of the Paddle-California will be resurrected by another title sponsor or if this is truly the death knell for one of our sports most talked about events . Whatever case, one thing is clear, the Battle of the Paddle-California set the standard for SUP racing. Regardless of what happens next, its influence and surf style racing format will continue to live on. The king is dead, long live the king.

To the SUP & Paddleboard Community,

After nine amazing Battle of the Paddle events in California and Hawaii we are saddened to announce that the Rainbow Sandals will not be hosting the event for 2015.

The BOP has enjoyed incredible growth since it’s inception, however, the economics of producing the event have become overwhelming and unsustainable for Rainbow Sandals, Inc.

Please know that the BOP has been an amazing journey and experience for everyone involved.

We thank all past competitors, sponsors and exhibitors for the tremendous support and participation. In addition, we want to acknowledge all local permitting agencies and safety personnel for allowing us to have such an event and making it safe for everyone to compete.

And lastly, we want to express genuine gratitude to all volunteers and event staff for your generous service and effort making the BOP one of the greatest water sporting events ever.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s love and support in this great endeavor and look forward to seeing you out on the water soon.

Much Aloha

Jay “Sparky” Longley and Gerry Lopez